Healthy Weighs

In the Groove

Once upon a time there were things called record players.

If a family was really lucky, they might accumulate enough $$$$$ to buy a stereo system which was a record player (or turntable) with two speakers attached built into a beautiful wooden credenza. Stereos became focal points in people’s living rooms. Some were portable
(pre- Boom Box) if you were used to lifting 50 pound weights.

These turntables played three types of black, grooved plastics discs (records). The first was a 75 rpm disc (dinner plate size) and provided three minutes of music. Its little sister, 45 rpm disc (dessert dish size) played two songs, one per side. And finally, there was the LP (long playing, at the 33 1/3 rpm) which played music on both sides, usually between 10 – 20 songs, whole symphonies, etc. People collected these albums for music and for the art of envelope which protected the LP from damage.

There was a small needle attached to an arm which one placed on the outer edge of the record, and as the turntable spun, the needle translated electric current into melodic, harmonic sound from these black plastic discs. . . and we danced, we sang, we smiled.

BUT, sometimes the record , if it were damaged, scratched or warped, would cause the needle to skip out of the groove and all that was heard was chaotic cacophony, disharmony and  mind boggling pain . . . The listener quickly reset the needle in the groove and all was well. The listener of the music took control of sound management. . . . And we lived happily ever after as we awaited to enter the present kingdom of the “Cyberspace Musical Phenomena. . .” (But that’s another story).

On your weight-loss journey, are you in the groove and harmonious, or has your needle skipped out of the groove causing you imbalance, pain, and chaos?  You are in charge of the quality of music you make, so try to stay on track (in the groove). And if you have fallen out of the groove, reset that “needle” and get back in the groove where those feeling-good vibes are. You need to dance, to sing, to smile. God dances with you and is your partner for life.

Your chaplain loves you (and she loves all her 33 1/3 albums)
Chaplain Charline

Charline Grafton is the Staff Chaplain for Perioperative Services at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital. All surgery patients have the opportunity to visit with Charline several times before their surgery. Charline is the author of “Things Take Time,” a book of reflections and prayers for bariatric surgery patients.

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