Weight Loss Stories

Stacy K’s Weight Loss Story

Stacy struggled with her weight her entire life. Before surgery Stacy had high blood pressure, headaches, acid reflux, depression and a poor quality of life. She says bariatric surgery has completely changed her life. She enjoys exercising and is training for a half marathon in the fall. Read Stacy’s personal account of her weight loss story.
My name is Stacy Kinard. I had Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass on October 24, 2011. That day, my life changed.

I was born at 10lbs, 12oz and battled with weight my entire life.  Always in the plus size kids’ clothes and never being able to shop at the popular stores as a teenager made it hard to feel accepted growing up. I spent countless hours crying over the way I looked and felt.

Before surgery I had more health problems than I could keep up with: high blood pressure, borderline diabetic, headaches, acid reflux, sleep problems, depression and ZERO quality of life. I never had energy or wanted to leave my house because I was so unhappy.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the depression was so great, I would never leave my house to do the things I, at one time, loved like shopping, going to dinner, going to work or even church unless I absolutely had to. I felt like I could feel the comments and looks from others about my weight constantly. I hated myself and at times, didn’t want to go on.

Since surgery, my blood pressure has gotten better, no more diabetes, I never have headaches, I sleep wonderfully and my quality of life has done a complete 180. I am so very happy! I can’t ever seem to wipe the smile off my face. I love getting out of my house and doing things – or even doing things in my house. It doesn’t tire me out to clean or work in my yard. I can go for a walk/run and actually enjoy exercising now. I can play with my dogs and take them for walks.

Some of my “non-scale victories” that I’ve set for myself and have already achieved are: getting into a size I haven’t seen since high school, completing a 5K and 10K, feeling pretty for the first time EVER, and finally liking – and even loving myself!

I’m looking forward to smaller pant and dress sizes, training  for and completing a half-marathon and more 5ks and helping others on their journeys. I am soon to reach a weight I haven’t seen in over 10 years – under 200 pounds. I’m having a photo shoot done at that time and can’t wait!

Something anyone considering surgery needs to know is that this isn’t an instant fix. This is a life change. You are not going to go under the knife and come out perfect.  You are going to have to learn to eat better, healthier things: smaller portions, supplements and drink, drink, drink.

Come to the support groups, join the online community, find other patients and remember you aren’t in this alone. Have a strong support group, alongside the one already offered. My mom was my rock and I wouldn’t be where I am now without her help, love, prayers and encouragement.

You should know it’s HARD work and not easy – but it’s SO worth it.

Remember: Nothing tastes as good as being thinner feels!


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