Weight Loss Stories

Michelle’s Weight Loss Story

Before surgery, Michelle had many health issues that she didn’t realize were largely weight related. After having bariatric surgery, nearly all of her health issues have been resolved and she’s not on any prescription medications. Michelle now has a new lease on life and is excited to achieve the goals she’s set for herself. Read more about Michelle’s weight loss journey. 

Before surgery, I had many health issues that I didn’t realize were largely weight related. I had obstructive sleep apnea, asthma, high blood pressure, reflux (hiatial hernia), a bad back (4 herniated discs that are inoperable), polycystic ovarian syndrome (causing irregular menstrual cycles), high triglycerides and some depression. I was on blood pressure medicine, water pills, reflux medication and took ibuprofen or Tylenol on a daily basis.

Since surgery, nearly all of my health issues have been resolved. My overall health has improved so much! I’m on no prescription medications, only vitamins. My triglycerides are down from 217 to 68! I didn’t realize it before, but now I know that I also had some small bouts with depression.

Prior to surgery, I was one of those people who were dying to do things on the inside, but was too embarrassed to actually get out and do them. I tried to be the one who stayed behind the scenes, behind the camera and away from anything that might get attention. I hated pictures of myself because they revealed how out of shape I was. I hated to see people I hadn’t seen in a long time because I didn’t want them to see how I’d become. I found it really hard to be positive and motivated to do anything to really help myself because I wore out so easily, stressed out so bad and in general I didn’t feel well. I don’t feel like I was the parent I was supposed to be and I slept a lot more than any average person should.

Since having surgery, I’ve really found that new lease on life people talk about! I am very health and nutrition conscious and have become much more active. I do things that I’ve only wished I could do in the past. I don’t find myself being moody and brooding without realizing it. I don’t back down from new physical challenges and I just enjoy my life more than I ever have before!

I have many non-scale victories that most people would not think of as a big deal. I can cross my legs and do it without even realizing I am. I enjoy going to the gym several times a week and I go for the harder classes like spin and interval training. I would have never had that ability or confidence prior to surgery. I’ve been able to go into a store and purchase clothing that is smaller than I’ve worn in nearly 20 years. I walked in the Cooper River Bridge Walk for the first time this year and I was thrilled! I wore a bathing suit in public, which has always been a very big issue for me. I finally learned how to shag and I have managed to let out more of my personality around people.

People do immediately notice the weight loss, but they also notice the overall change in my attitude. That is most important. For the first time in a very long time, I feel like I am in control of my body again and it’s great! I enjoy my children more than ever now. I feel so much better about myself that it has enabled me to meet their needs and spend more quality time with them. I’m a better parent simply because I feel human again! I only sleep about six hours a night because that’s plenty of rest for me now. I’m very happy. I smile a lot.

My upcoming goals are going to be awesome to achieve. I will be going parasailing this summer as a reward to myself for reaching a weight goal. I’m looking forward to my next set of family pictures this fall. I can’t wait to get down to my final goal weight and be able to go shopping for a complete new wardrobe!

Dr. Mitchell and every single member of his staff have been wonderful to me and have gone out of their way to help me on numerous occasions. I know this surgery was the right thing for me to do and I have been highly successful because of their continuous preparation and support.  I believe that this surgery saved my life and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about changing their life for the better.

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