Life Changing Moments

New Hip, New Life

On New Year’s Day I celebrated by taking my dogs on a one hour walk, something I would not have been able to do with my old right hip.

On 11/7/11 I had my right hip replaced at Roper St. Francis Hospital. Prior to my hip operation, my last operation at a hospital was in 1949 when I had my tonsils removed. In the meantime, I avoided hospitals at all costs.

My positive experience of being taken care of by the Roper St. Francis Joint Replacement Center staff completely removed the anxiety I had at spending time in a hospital. Everyone was very professional, friendly, patient and responsive to my every need. They were a joy to be with at the Joint Replacement Center. And the food dispelled the hospital bad food image; it was great!

Please extend my thanks to your staff for the professional care I received in the Joint Replacement Center and a Happy New Year to ya’ll.

Sincerely yours,
Nick Treseder

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