Weight Loss Stories

Cynthia’s Weight Loss Story

Cynthia struggled with her weight as long as she can remember. Her weight contributed to significant health issues and her overall quality of life suffered. Cynthia decided to pursue bariatric surgery after her son commented that she embarrassed him. Learn more about Cynthia’s story from her perspective and how weight loss surgery changed her life.

I’ve been heavy my whole life and have struggled with my weight as long as I can remember.  When I became pregnant, I gained even more weight and then couldn’t lose it. I worked at a sedentary job and so with no exercise, I kept gaining more. I was miserable. I hurt all the time. I had back aches and migraines. I barely slept, and what sleep I did get was poor quality, so I never felt rested. I couldn’t play with my kids and never wanted to do anything. When I heard my son say a year and a half ago that he’d rather his dad chaperone a field trip because I embarrassed him, I was devastated. Oh how I cried.

But my son was right and his comment was my “cake topper,” so to speak. I had considered bariatric surgery before but knowing I was causing him pain and embarrassment gave me that final push I needed to take action. I attended an information session in March of 2011 weighing 335 pounds with a BMI of 57.5. How awful! With Dr. Mitchell’s help, I lost 50 pounds pre-operatively and throughout the year following my surgery I’ve lost much more. Today I weigh 188.5 pounds and my BMI is down to 32.4, and I’m still losing.

My non-scale victories started small and then got bigger and better. My first small victory – I was able to cross my legs. Then I was able to climb the stairs in front of my house without pain. Then I lost more weight and was able to shop in the regular clothing departments, not plus size, and soon was able to take up running. And now my biggest and best victory – I’m no longer an embarrassment to my kids! They can hug me and get their arms all the way around me and I can play with them without getting winded. I even help during their soccer practices. I’m not miserable anymore, which is obvious to anyone who sees that, now, I smile a whole lot more too.

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