Health & Wellness

RSF to Provide Ace Healthcare at U.S. Women’s Amateur

Roper St. Francis is the official healthcare provider for the upcoming 2013 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship.

That’s great, because excellent care here is par for the course.

RSF will staff the event with a doctor, two nurses, two paramedic teams and a pair of ambulances, while headquartering in an air-conditioned medical tent.

The tournament is set for Aug. 5 – 11 at the Country Club of Charleston.

After the enormous undertaking of providing similar services during last year’s PGA Championship on Kiawah Island, Roper St. Francis Director of Emergency Services Wanda Brockmeyer is relishing being a bit closer to Roper Hospital this time around.

“Logistically, this event is much easier because it’s right here, practically downtown,” Brockmeyer said. “Also, we don’t plan for such enormous crowds.”

RSF staff treated 1,165 patrons during the PGA Championship. A handful were transported and admitted to Roper Hospital

While the event is smaller in scale, Brockmeyer acknowledged the August heat in Charleston will still pose a threat and encourages patrons and players to stay properly hydrated, take breaks to cool down and seek medical attention if they begin to feel ill.

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