Healthy Weighs

Struggling with Weight

Struggling Weight 1Bariatric surgery is not magical, many people still struggle with food, exercise and their weight after bariatric surgery. There is no single easy answer. Let’s break down some pieces and parts that may contribute to a failure to lose weight or cause you to regain it.

Reality Check- 90% of the time when someone is struggling they are NOT doing it ALL right. Most commonly they are not exercising regularly. Quite often they are also not eating healthy. We all have limits to how perfect that we can be on a given day. The key is to find priorities and have habits that make the journey easier.

One patient shared that each time he gets out of his truck on any given day he drops and does 10 pushups (before bariatric surgery he couldn’t do one push up). By the end of each day he has typically done between 120-200 pushups.

Another patient shares that she makes all her protein shakes on Sunday and has them in her refrigerator so that she is able to “grab and go” as she is rushing in the morning to get out the door for work.

Tap into your program’s support group, behavioral health specialist and registered dietician for assistance.

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