Healthy Weighs

Struggling with Weight – Part 2

Tool Not MagicBariatric surgery is a tool to help you lose weight, not a magical fix.  Many people will continue to struggle with feeling hungry after their surgery.  Below are some tips to help you manage your hunger.

Managing Hunger

Although you have a tool (the restrictive portion of the surgery) to assist with managing hunger after bariatric surgery, it may still be difficult to do. There is a honeymoon phase in the first 6-18 months following surgery that a person may not feel hunger. During this time, it is important to change habits so that your brain and eyes feel full.

Trick Your Brain

Try using smaller plates, use contrasting colors between dinnerware and food and use smaller utensils.

Find Support

Follow-up with the bariatric practice can be critical to understanding and adjusting habits for success. Lastly, support is essential. At Roper St. Francis Bariatric Services we offer two support group meetings a month.  We also have a Bariatric Behavioral Health Specialist that is available for appointments.

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