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Is Your Mirror Lying to You?

Mirror ImageDo the numbers on the scale keep going down but the person in the mirror stays the same? Maybe your mirror is lying to you. Studies show that women who have lost weight sometimes perceive “Phantom Weight.” This means they believe they are still overweight and view themselves that way when in reality they are not. Women who have been overweight for many years are more likely to encounter this challenge.

To improve your body image, don’t avoid mirrors. Speak compassionately to yourself when you do look at your reflection. Speak to yourself like you would speak to a friend offering support and reassurance. Focus on the parts of your body that you admire and appreciate. Use another unbiased gauge such as a pair of jeans that you wore years ago at that thinner weight. Then look at a picture of yourself back when you last wore those jeans. If the jeans fit today, look in your mirror and believe what you see. In time and with a positive outlook, your mirror will show you the truth of not only your current size but also how beautiful you really are within.

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