Providing Care One Call at a Time

When people think of call centers, most often they believe they’re reaching an automated service or talking with someone many miles away. The Roper St. Francis (RSF) call center transcends that stigma. When you call 402-CARE (2273) to make an appointment, find a doctor, schedule a class or ask a question about medical office hours, you will speak to a live human being who is sitting right here in the Lowcountry.

Located in Mt. Pleasant, the RSF call center is available 24/7 and is staffed with trained professionals who handle approximately 1,200 calls a day. On average, 1,000 medical visits are scheduled each day and 600 registrations for classes, screenings or events each month.

The call center team is led by Donte Lazarus, manager of the call center. Recently featured in an article in December’s Healthcare Call Center Times, Donte explains how the RSF call center has evolved. When he joined the team in 2012, the call center was staffed with only three people. Today there are 13 staff members and the team continues to grow.

Before Donte came on board, there were various answering services for physician practices outside of the hospital and little cohesion among them. Now, phone calls are answered in one centralized location by the same team members. This allows RSF to provide a smoother transition for care.

In the Healthcare Call Center Times article, the decision to move away from the answering service was made because the “outside answering service would not be as well versed in the healthcare world as a staff dedicated to working with the physician population.”

What does this mean to you? It means you get someone on the phone right away who can help you get what you need. Roper St. Francis is committed to treating our patients with respect and one-on-one contact with a direct person at the in-house call center can be the first step in that process.

While the call center staff can’t provide medical advice, each employee goes through the same orientation regardless of their experience so a consistent culture is presented to RSF patients. “Some of the employees that came over to us were from other parts of the health system and others were new,” said Donte in Healthcare Call Center Times.

So, if you need to schedule an appointment, day or night, during your lunch hour or after normal business hours, count on the RSF call center. The team has you covered.

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