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Heart to Heart with Dr. Thaddeus Bell

Our grassroots program, Families for a Healthy Heart, is well on its way.  We’ve covered topics such as Managing Your Weight, the Low Down on Carbs and Managing Your Blood Pressure.  Great information on how to make that commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

It’s never too late to join us.  We will be glad to give you the past presentations to get you caught up with the rest of the class.  This Saturday, March 1, we welcome Dr. Thaddeus Bell to the class.  Dr. Bell will be our presenter and has a lot of good information on heart disease.

He  will talk about the leading risk factors of heart disease that patients have  control over, as well  as  the differences that men and women have regarding symptoms. Have you thought about sex and heart disease, how exercise can decrease the risk of a heart attack and how the use of the sexually performance enhancement drugs for erectile dysfunction can be dangerous with certain heart disease medication?  Dr. Bell will be cover all these areas.

Join us at Metro North Church in Goose Creek, by registering at (843) 402-CARE (2273),

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