Life Changing Moments

“My Doctor” for Life

I recently was admitted to Roper St. Francis Hospital on two different occasions. I cannot say enough about the Health Care Team. It started at the front door. My car was parked, I was met and carried straight to my room. My doctor, Dr. William Carter, will be “my doctor” for life! He did not miss one symptom! He listened as if I was his only patient. I have all the confidence in the world in him and his recommendations for my health will be followed to a “T”. He not only cared about my present problem, but encouraged me and my family to make life long changes to live a healthier lifestyle. Everyone in his office is excellent!

On my second trip, Dr. Carter introduced me to Dr. Rieder. Again, I could not have asked for a more professional, personal doctor to care for my needs at that time. From Anesthesia, Surgical staff, Nursing Staff….If I have any problems in the future, I will call Dr. Carter for recommendations and Roper St. Francis will be my new hospital! Thanks to everyone who was a part of my care. Having confidence in your health team means so much! Again, Thank you Dr. Carter and Roper Hospital!!!!

Furman Wayne Powell

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