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House Calls Magazine Sneak Preview

House_Calls_CoverHeads up! Our fall issue of House Calls will be landing in your mailbox any day now, and it’s full of great fall recipes (meatless!), exercise tips and a helpful overview of the often confusing world of cholesterol. But we’re most excited about our feature on Power Agers – people in our community, like triathlete Anne Boone and Mayor Joe Riley, who are proof that 60 is the new 40, or 70 is the new 50, and that age-old adage that “you’re only as old as you feel,” might be true after all.

In the article, you’ll read about the important role that lifestyle choices make in determining how we age. According to the National Institute on Aging, only 30 percent of how we age is determined by genetics; while 70 percent is up to us and the lifestyle choices we make every day—what we eat, how much we sleep, how much we exercise. Dr. Robert Oliverio, a Roper St. Francis internal medicine doctor, says to do weight bearing exercises – aiming for 150 minutes of physical activity a week.

“Regular exercise can decrease your mortality up to 40 percent,” says Dr. Oliverio, adding that just five minutes of vigorous activity helps considerably. “Exercise can actually add years to your life,” he says. “We worry so much about having enough money to retire—we all sit around and sock money away in our 401Ks. But we often neglect our bodies, and fail to ensure we’re healthy enough to actually enjoy that time.” Also, warns Dr. Oliverio, don’t “eat yourself into an early grave.” Instead, eat lean protein like fish and chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts like walnuts and almonds, “and a little bit of red wine occasionally.”

Enjoy the gorgeous fall weather as you read the rest of what House Calls has in store for you this fall. And as always, let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “House Calls Magazine Sneak Preview

  1. I would like to subscribe to the RSFH House calls magazine.
    JoAnn Alfred
    1115 Legends Club Drive
    Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

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