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5 Ways Roper St. Francis Can Help You Stick to Your Resolutions

ResolutionsSo we’re only barely into the New Year, but it doesn’t take long for old habits to creep back up and nudge good intentions out of the way. Researchers who track this kind of thing say that nearly 62 percent of us make some New Year’s resolutions, but only 8 percent of us successfully achieve them.
So perhaps the good news is that, if you’re sliding already, you’re in good company. But the even better news is that Roper St. Francis offers help so you can beat the odds and achieve your goals for a healthier 2015 and beyond.


The popular/most common resolutions (according to the same data gurus*) are no surprise:

  • Losing weight
  • Volunteering to help others
  • Getting fit
  • Improving your job outlook
  • Enjoying life/family to the fullest

If your goals fall along these lines, here are five ways Roper St. Francis can help you succeed.

  1. Who can’t stand to shed a few pounds, especially post-eggnog? Cooking healthier meals at home (instead of eating out or buying packaged foods) is a great way to start dropping pounds and saving money. Check out the easy-to-fix, inexpensive and deliciously healthy recipes that RSF offers in each issue of House Calls magazine. Need help managing portion sizes? RSF Advantage offers three “Portion Size Pointers” sessions in March.
  2. We LOVE volunteers – and they seem to love us, all 500+ of the wonderful, generous and energetic folks who are part of the RSF volunteer family. If you’ve got some time to spare, and are dedicated, dependable and caring, give our volunteer directors a call. They will gladly tell you about our extended family of volunteers who help make every moment matter for our patients and families.
  3. From Zumba to yoga to outdoor fitness opportunities, Roper St. Francis offers numerous affordable programs each month – no need for an expensive gym membership! See the full line up of exercise programs—something for every fitness level—at RSF Advantage. And if your resolution includes mastering a 10K event – you’re in luck. Our nine-week “Walk Your Way to a 10K” training program starts Jan. 31.
  4. Looking for a great job with excellent benefits? RSF ranks high among the Lowcountry’s “Best Places to Work” each year. Check out our online Careers listings to see if there’s a fit for you.
  5. Our Families for a Healthy Heart program launches on January 24. Join us to learn nutrition tips, ways to enjoy healthy family meals and to get out and exercise together. What a better way to improve your heart than to do it with, and for, those you love the most. Registration is required. Sign up now!




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