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3 Ways to Do Resolutions Right

Even if you have firm resolve and the best intentions, as well as all sorts of support systems and opportunities to help you meet your goal (see our previous post), it’s hard (very hard!) to maintain discipline over the long haul. That’s because there’s often a deeper aspect to achieving goals, one that comes from really understanding them. Hopefully these three tips will help you better frame your game plan for achieving your 2015 healthy-you resolutions.

  1. Clarify your motivation. Maybe losing 12 pounds is your goal, but understanding why you really want to do that is important for helping you succeed. Sure you might once again fit in your favorite jeans, but the underlying value of feeling more at ease in your body all the time may be a more empowering and lasting, motivation.
  2. Expect and plan for slip-ups. Nobody’s perfect, not even you. So give yourself a break. If you indulge one weekend, enjoy it, then give yourself credit for heading in the right direction overall, which will help you hop back on path toward your goal.
  3. Have fun! If your goal represents all drudgery and depravation, or if your resolution is to get more fit but you absolutely loath exercising, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Give yourself small interim rewards; seek out new and enticing opportunities (try Zumba with Roper St. Francis); expand your horizons and your smiles.


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