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Paging Dr. Oscar: Roper St. Francis on the Red Carpet

red carpetYes, it’s true, Rob Lowe was recently in Charleston as a special guest at the Roper St. Francis Foundation gala, but he’s far from the only movie star in our midst. And we’re not talking about Bill Murray.

You may not realize it (yet), but Roper St. Francis doctors have been on camera making viewers swoon, and helping them stay healthy, for going on 10 years now, with our award winning HouseCalls TV program. Grey’s Anatomy has got nothing on us.

So as you pull out your ball gowns and black ties for the glam-and-glitz Sunday night, or make your final rounds at the theaters or on Netflix before the Oscars air (our money is on Boyhood), be sure to check out a few of our own Best Picture contenders. At the Roper St. Francis video library, you can learn the “ABCs of Preventing Heart Attacks” (could come in handy during heart pounding moments in American Sniper), or see Dr. William Carroll star in “How to Prevent Sports Injuries” (lookout cast of Whiplash).

Best of all, the wonderful Angela May is our Roper St. Francis version of Neil Patrick Harris, a more articulate and delightful host would be hard to find! Pop some popcorn, roll out the red carpet, and tune in. It’s TV that’s good for you. Tune in now.

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