Healthy Hearts

Heart Smarts (for the Family!)

Families for Healthy HeartsYou know how it is with families – kids grow up too fast, parents don’t know where the time goes. And so it is with our Roper St. Francis Families for a Healthy Heart program– now an impressive eight years old, and still growing.

As the parent, so to speak, we at RSF couldn’t be prouder of this program. It does all of the things you hope your kids will do: gives back to the community, helps neighbors, sets a healthy example, brings together smart people who have valuable information, and best yet, shares delicious “family” recipes. Sound like a family you’d like to be part of? The good news is you can!

Our 2015 Families for a Healthy Heart sessions kicked off in late January. In February, Roper St. Francis vascular Families for Healthy Heartssurgeon Dr. Jeb Hallett had a terrific “heart to heart” family chat. Talk about juicy info! Dr. Hallett explained how the jolt of energy your body gets after eating chocolate is not from sugar, but from the cocoa bean extract which contracts blood vessels – who knew? (So maybe that’s why we give chocolate on Valentines?). And like any good parent who tells you to “brush your teeth,” Dr. Hallett’s family chat included tidbits on how oral health can affect your heart health, as well as the importance of good math skills, or rather, “knowing your numbers,” i.e. how your cholesterol level, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and blood sugar level numbers all relate to your heart health.

Families for a Healthy HeartFamily history, of course, plays a big role in every family gathering, and at Families for a Healthy Heart, we stress the importance of knowing your family medical history. Specifically, if you have a family history of stroke and heart attack, Dr. Hallett says you should have a full medical exam by the age of 30.

There are several more sessions to go in our 2015 Families for a Healthy Heart Program, which is open to the public and is free. It’s not too late to join the family fun! Our next session is March 7 at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church Father Figaro Hall and you can register by calling 402-CARE.

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