What Do You Get When You Cross…

Dr. Delinda Terry

Dr. Delinda Terry and Dr. Lauri Bullen

Women’s History Month (March) with National Doctors’ Day (March 30)?

Lots of Lady Doc Love, of course!

We don’t think it’s inconsequential that the finale of Women’s History Month also happens to be National Doctors’ Day. And while we love ALL of our fabulous, dedicated doctors at Roper St. Francis, we are particularly proud of our many dynamo dame docs. Women like thoracic surgeon Elizabeth Kline, who operates in cowboy boots – upping the fashion quotient in the Roper ORs. And OB/GYN Delinda Terry, one of the first women in private practice in the Lowcountry, and the matriarch of the region’s first all-female practice (Mount Pleasant OB/GYN).

Dr. Elizabeth Christian

Dr. Elizabeth Christian

Dr. Elizabeth Kline

Dr. Elizabeth Kline

We love how vascular surgeon Britt Tonnessen is clearing arteries right and left in a traditionally male dominated specialty. And how oncologist Elizabeth Christian has been at the forefront of cancer care for decades.

Fortunately, we at Roper St. Francis can go on and on listing the accomplished women on our active medical staff who are leading the way in changing the practice of medicine and improving patient care.

All of our docs are somebody’s hero, and our women doctors are SHEROs indeed, for patients, for the community, for young girls and young women thinking about their careers, and how to wear that white coat with feminine style

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