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Cinco de Healtho

5 Ways Cinco de Mayo Can Inspire a Healthier You

Who doesn’t love a fiesta? We at Roper St. Francisco sure do. In fact we love the whole month of May, which can feel like one extended celebration – from May Day to Derby Day to Mother’s Day to proms and school graduations, not to mention the start of wedding season. And the bright colors and spicy fun of Cinco de Mayo is our favorite way to get the Ole! started.

But even mejor than a piñata and a frozen you-know-what are these five health tips inspired by Cinco de Mayo (no, not that Mayo). Warning: Taco sauce not included.

  1. Do the salsa.

Salsa made from juicy ripe tomatoes is loaded with flavor AND flavonoids – those potent antioxidants that reduce inflammation and help reduce risk of cancer and heart disease and have about a million other health benefits. So go ahead, load up on the salsa (but sorry, not the chips. It’s tricky, we know. Ok, just a few…).

  1. Have some guac with that.

Avocadoes are another wonder food, a good source of healthy fat (the monounsaturated kind) that packs more than 20 vitamins. Adding more healthy fats to your diet helps stabilize your blood sugar and can make you feel fuller, so you eat less (ahem, less of those chips).

  1. Wear your sombrero.

Our neighbors south of the border have it right when it comes to sun protection. We’d love to see you out on Sullivans or Folly, or gardening in your yard wearing a broad-rimmed, full-coverage sombrero, but if not that, then at least choose a hat and clothing with SPF coverage, and limit your exposure to harmful rays and heat.

  1. Get your mariachi on.

Music and dancing is good for the spirit, and the body. Music can reduce stress and brighten your mood, and an energetic swirl on the dance floor burns calories, tones muscles and puts a big smile on your face.

  1. Habla Español.

Or parlez Francais, or stretch your vocabulary in any foreign language, or English for that matter. Studies show that being bi or multilingual improves overall cognitive function and brain fitness. By exercising your mind and learning new things, your brain can stay healthier longer, plus, you can order more easily at Mexican restaurants.




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