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We Love Mamas!

And we know you love your mama, too, so please, take our word on this: she does not want or need more perfume for Mother’s Day. Or a new umbrella, despite a pending storm. And definitely not a vacuum cleaner.

Of course, she’ll smile and hug you and be her usual sweet mama self if you happen to give her any of the above. But lucky for you, we’ve got some better ideas.

Mom gave you the gift of life, so why not return the favor? Or at least help her have a healthy and longer life. Here are a few inexpensive, creative and good-for-her ways you can show Mom how much you appreciate her.

  • Call 402-5000 and schedule her mammogram for her. How better to express your love and care than to let her know you want her around for a long time.
  • Enroll in a Zumba or yoga class for the two of you. The Roper St. Francis Advantage program offers convenient classes at a fraction of the cost of a health club.
  • Pack a Mother’s Day picnic (fresh strawberries!!) and treat her to a relaxing, reflective afternoon together exploring the Meditation Garden and Labyrinth on the grounds of Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital. In this day of texts and online communication, nothing says “I love you” more than a heart-to-heart real human conversation, and there’s no lovelier place to inspire one.
  • For new moms or mom’s to be, give the gift of education and support, with a handmade certificate for one of the Roper St. Francis classes, including “Baby Bootcamp” or “New Babies and Children: How to Make Everyone Happy.”

And there’s always the simple handmade, heartfelt card, with a personal note, a big hug, and a little chocolate.

Here’s to all our wonderful Moms! May you and your families be healthy and strong.


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