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Start Your Day the Right Way with a Healthy Breakfast

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? The jury is still out, but the one thing we do know is that it’s always wise to space your meals throughout the day. Research has shown that if you skip a meal you are more likely to make up those calories (or plus some) later in the day.

Deciding to skip breakfast may also make you more susceptible to ordering a calorie-laden specialty coffee or grazing before lunch. Your body goes a long time without eating while you are sleeping, but it is still working hard to repair and revitalize itself. Not eating shortly after you wake up may put you in a bad mood that can lead to cravings, causing you to make poor food choices at lunch. Eating a healthy breakfast will regulate your blood sugar levels and keep those cravings and bad moods away.

So what’s the key to a good breakfast? Protein! Eating a protein rich breakfast has been shown to reduce hunger throughout the rest of your day. Alexis Appel, a bariatric licensed dietitian, suggests that everyone start their day with at least 20 grams of protein or that they try to eat at least 1/3 of their protein requirement at breakfast.

We all know mornings are busy. A quick and easy way to get the morning protein you need is with a protein shake. Simply take a high-quality protein powder and mix with milk or water. You can also add fresh or frozen fruit and yogurt if you like for a quick and nutritious breakfast. The gift shop at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital sells Unjury and Jay Robb brands of protein supplements, these are medical-grade protein powders in a variety of flavors.

So, don’t skip what is debatably the most important meal of your day. Enjoy a flavorful protein shake as a quick, delicious on-the-go breakfast.

By Molly McBrayer, clinical manager, Roper St. Francis Bariatrics & Metabolic Services

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