Health & Wellness

Get Lean and Go Green with Move IT

If you’ve got kids, we’re betting you’ve done your share of splashing at Splash Island or Splash Zone or any number of the watery fun wonders that Charleston County Parks offers. But have you ever considered the parks as your gym? As your local workout facility? We think you should, and that’s why Roper St. Francis Physician’s Endowment has partnered with Charleston County Parks to create Move IT! – an “exercise as medicine” model program that uses monitored exercise to help manage and improve chronic health issues.

If you’ve got diabetes or high blood pressure, for example, you know that regular exercise is important in controlling your disease. With Move IT!, specially trained fitness professionals lead classes designed for people managing chronic conditions. Move IT classes combine physical activity with wellness education and healthy lifestyle strategies to promote well-being. Participants who have a doctor referral can enroll in this program at various locations, including select Charleston County Parks, and have your fitness activities tracked and measured.

There’s also a self-referral option (i.e. you don’t need your doctor’s order) that is open to anyone. Just register for the outdoor fitness classes that meet your needs and goals, and enjoy some good “green” exercise, getting fit in the beauty and tranquility of Charleston County Parks. As opposed to often intimidating gym environments, outdoor workouts can offer calming effects that communing with nature has proven to provide, and have been shown to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as boost Vitamin D and positive outlooks.

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and Move IT!-Interested participants of all levels of fitness are invited to take part. For information on registering, view the lineup of fitness programs, call Park & Program Services at (843) 795-4386, or talk to your doctor to see if Move IT! can help you manage your chronic illness.

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