Time Flies! House Calls TV Celebrates the Big Five-O-O


Angela Poindexter on set for House Calls TV

A lot can happen in 10 years—especially in the world of medicine, where discoveries are constant and treatments always evolving. This, of course, is a good thing. Another good thing is that for the last 10 years, Roper St. Francis has been on the forefront of spreading the good news of these advancements to our community. If knowledge is indeed the best medicine, then HouseCalls TV is the prescription for you.

HouseCalls TV is Roper St. Francis’ custom television series that presents our expert doctors giving brief user-friendly medical advice and/or news of the latest developments in their respective fields. A different 90 second segment airs each week of the year, so that means 52 segments over the last 10 years, which means, if your math is up-to-par, that our 500th episode of HouseCalls TV airs this week. A 10-year run in the world of TV is nothing to sneeze at – in fact, the longest running medical drama on TV, by contrast, is a BBC show called Casualty (airing since 1986), and it’s only hit 927 episodes. So we’re celebrating!

“HouseCalls TV has been so well received across the community, and has even caught attention nationally, because it gives our doctors an opportunity for them to share their passion for what they do with viewers,” says Angela Poindexter, Roper St. Francis marketing strategist who has worked with MBC Media out of Nashville, Tennessee, to produce all 500 episodes. Poindexter works with a committee to suggest topics, then schedules the doctors for filming with Alice Larson, (no small feat—way to go ladies!) As the following clip illustrates, HouseCalls TV has had a few different hosts over the years, including Meredith Dempsey Buck and now Angela May. “We love it because it gives viewers such a wonderful overview of Roper St. Francis’ breadth of services and specialties,” Poindexter adds.

So please tune in and help us celebrate the big 500. And spread the word! Find HouseCalls TV on:

  • NBC News 2, Fox News 24
  • CBS Live 5 News
  • ABC News 4, ABC Good Morning Charleston
  • View on our website, Facebook, or YouTube

Isn’t it nice to realize that TV can actually be good for your health?

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