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Retraining Taste Buds

You’re not always going to like everything that you try, but there are some tricks to introduce new foods, especially vegetables, into your culinary exploration.

Dress-Up or Change the Cooking Method: Add a warm yogurt ranch sauce, cheese sauce or herb-infused olive oil to warm vegetables. Perhaps try roasting a vegetable or making a puree to accompany a protein source.

Start the Meal with Something New: People are hungriest at the beginning of the meal. Offer the new vegetable as an appetizer, served alone at the beginning of the meal.

Make Food Fun: Make a creative presentation, choose a color scheme or blindfold someone while they try to guess what the new food is may help to ease the anxiety or preconceived dread of trying a new food.

The First Time Shouldn’t Be the Last Time: It may take a couple times to develop a taste for the new food. Don’t give up on the first try. Try it a few times before putting a food on the “do not serve list.”

Be a Role Model: Allow yourself the opportunity to try new foods, especially vegetables. Think of it as an adventure as you taste your way around the culinary world.

By: Molly McBrayer, Clinical Manager, Roper St. Francis Bariatric and Metabolic Services

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