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Finding a Doctor Who Understands Obesity

Finding an Obesity DoctorObesity is a disease affecting millions of Americans. And while there are many treatment options available for obesity, people often express frustration when attempting to talk with their healthcare provider about weight loss.

Many of us are just told to “eat less and move more.” Obesity wouldn’t affect one third of the population if the treatment was always that easy. In an effort to help healthcare professionals understand more about obesity and its treatments, the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) was established in 2010. ABOM certified doctors have taken the time to learn the broad spectrum of obesity treatment options available.

Dr. Johnny Weeks, a Roper St. Francis Physician Partner at Eagle Landing Adult Medicine, 843-797-5747, is board certified through ABOM. Dr. Weeks offers individualized treatment options for adults that are overweight or obese. Not only does Dr. Weeks offer individualized weight loss options, he also provides Family Practice primary care. To find other doctors in the Charleston area that are board certified with ABOM please visit

By: Molly McBrayer, Clinical Manager, Roper St. Francis Bariatric and Metabolic Services

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