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What to Eat this Spring

Spring PicnicSpring has sprung in the Lowcountry. Along with warmer temperatures, azaleas and lots of pollen many great fruits and vegetables are readily available. Eating what’s in season is a fantastic way to get fresh produce in your diet and save on your grocery bill. The following are some healthy foods to incorporate into your spring meals.

Spring Onions

Spring onions are a delicate vegetable. Their taste falls between a scallion and regular white or yellow onion. They are mild enough to be eaten raw, but can also stand up to roasting. Don’t waste any part of the spring onion. The green tops can flavor to sauces and dressings, while the hearty but tender bulbs work great in casseroles and vegetable dishes.


AsparagusAsparagus may be purchased year round, but it’s especially fresh and flavorful, not to mention less expensive, in early spring. Asparagus may be eaten raw, steamed, roasted, grilled or sautéed. It’s delicious hot or cold. Experiment with asparagus by adding to dishes like scrambled eggs or with wild rice as an alternative to hash.


Strawberries, one of the most popular fruits, are abundant in spring. Strawberries are versatile and may be used in desserts, but also in salads, main dishes and smoothies. Being relatively inexpensive in the spring consider buying extra and freezing for use later in the year.

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