Hurricane Preparedeness

Hurricane Florence 2018

Our three hospital Emergency Departments (Bon Secours St. Francis, Roper Hospital  & Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital) and two freestanding Emergency Departments (Berkeley & Northwoods) stayed open during the storm. The rest of our facilities resumed regular operations Monday Sept. 17. Check this blog and Twitter for updates

Pitching in for our neighbors

Roper St. Francis teammates came together to fill up collection bins at several of our facilities to help our friends and neighbors still suffering from Hurricane Florence.

Donations went to an organization called Fighting Flo in the Lowcountry, which has more than 200 drop-off locations around the Tri-County region and has coordinated flights with Operation Airdrop, which is working out of Mt. Pleasant Regional Airport. Operation Airdrop is a group of private plane owners dropping off the goods and paying their own fuel costs.

Each flight has around 500 pounds of goods, and they are dropping goods to affected areas that are still cut off by water. American Red Cross and FEMA couldn’t access these sites as of early last week.

Teammates made the difference during the weather threat

While we return to normal operations, we are praying for the fallen and those with property damage in areas to the north of Charleston.  Hurricane Florence bypassed the Lowcountry, but the Roper St. Francis emergency teams were ready and working throughout the weekend. Frontline medical staff, equipment engineers, computer technicians, nutritional services, housekeeping, security and so many others continued a more than 150-year tradition of serving the community no matter the weather.

Below is a slideshow of some of our team who remained in the Lowcountry and put service and community first.

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Roper St. Francis Healthcare to resume normal operations on Monday Sept. 17

Roper St. Francis Healthcare will resume regular operations Monday since the governor has lifted the mandatory evacuation order as of Saturday.
We’re grateful to our emergency response teams and dedicated hospital staff for their work before and during the storm. Patient safety is our foremost concern and operations continued thanks to a team who puts our patients first.
For patients with scheduled appointments for Monday, we are reaching out to confirm your availability. If you have an appointment and can’t make it, please call and leave a message to your respective provider’s office.

Welcome our “Hurricane Babies”

Hurricane Florence doesn’t stop the activity in labor and delivery at our Bon Secours St. Francis and Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospitals. We’re fully staffed and ready for the “Hurricane Babies” to arrive. Say hello to Miriam. She was expected to arrive after the hurricane passed through the Lowcountry. But Miriam apparently wanted to see what all the buzz was about and arrived a little early.

Annette is ready for Florence

The Hemodialysis unit provides critical care for people in need of dialysis, no matter if there’s a hurricane in the Lowcountry. The emergency team will be working long shifts this weekend, but its a labor of love. Hear from RN Annette on what hurricane duty is really like.

Friday morning view from Roper Hospital

For many of you who left Charleston, here’s what the view looks like Friday morning from the top floor of Roper Hospital. If this nice scene turns bad later today or this weekend, our emergency response teams are ready to go.

From the top floor of Roper Hospital looking toward Charleston Harbor.

Billy’s Ready for Florence!

The Roper St. Francis Healthcare team covers a wide range of people dedicated to excellence. From medical professionals to engineers, information technology, foodservice, housekeeping and much more – operations depend on everyone on the team.

Billy Johnson and his team are ready for Florence. He’s seen flooding and other natural disasters around our downtown Roper Hospital and knows the next few days will mean a lot of work and not much sleep.

Roper St. Francis leadership recognized

Our team understands when a natural disaster hits, they won’t be sitting on the couch at home eating their favorite snack food. Now is the time we all step up and do what we’ve been doing since 1789 – serve the public.

Here are a couple of stories of note.
CNN: Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities along the 300 miles of coastline in the potential path of massive Hurricane Florence are preparing the best they can.

Roper St. Francis keeps supplies for emergencies such as this on the top floor of its facilities, including thousands of gallons of water in case the water supply gets cut off. Staff checked its power generators before the storm and reminded patients looking at its Facebook page, “We’ve been around since 1789, that’s longer than the feds even tracked hurricanes. No matter what #hurricaneflorence brings, our team is ready.”  Click here for more.

Huffington Post:  Roper Hospital, which is part of the larger Roper St. Francis Healthcare system and operates almost 400 beds, is going to remain open and maintain full staffing levels throughout the storm in case they have to receive people who chose to stay in place during the hurricane. Click here for more.

Thursday 9/13 Facility Update

HOSPITALS, FREESTANDING EDs ARE OPEN: Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital, Roper Hospital, Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital, Roper Hospital Diagnostics and ER – Northwoods and Roper Hospital – Berkeley (Moncks Corner) are open to serve patients today.

ROPER ST. FRANCIS PHYSICIAN PARTNERS & EXPRESS CARES TO REMAIN CLOSED THROUGH SUNDAY: All Roper St. Francis Physician Partners offices, including Express Cares and After Hours locations, are closed through Sunday, Sept. 16. As soon as conditions are safe to do so, we will assess sites to determine our ability to reopen Monday, Sept. 17.

Some of many who’ll be working during the storm


Wednesday 9/12 Pharmacy Update

Here’s an updated list of pharmacy openings, as of Wed noon. This is subject to change so call just to make sure.

HEROLDS PHARMACY 843-637-3037 Open Wed and likely Thurs 9:00-6:30
2057 Charlie Hall Blvd, Charleston
PLANTATION PHARMACY 843-556-1994 OPEN until 1 pm on Wed.
531 Wappoo Rd, Charleston
DOTTIES PHARMACY 843-501-9500 Open regular hrs Wed, closed Thurs
325 Folly Rd #101, Charleston
COSTCO PHARMACIES Charleston 843 460-2002 Open regular hrs Wed & Thurs
BI-LO PHARMACIES Open regular hrs Wed
HARRIS TEETER PHARMACIES Open regular hrs Wed & Thurs
Guerin’s Pharmacy 843 873-2531 Open regular hrs Wed & Thurs
140 S Main St, Summerville
Medicine Man Pharmacy 843 871-6944 Open regular hrs Wed & Thurs
404 Old Trolley Rd, Summerville
Tide Water Pharmacy 843 375-6310
421 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt Pleasant
Dotties Pharmacy 354 Folly Road 843 0501 9500 closing at noon 9/12 – closed until Saturday.
Delta Pharmacy Hollywood SC 843 564 5720 Closed
Delta Pharmacy 320 E. Bay St. 843 937 0960 Closed
East Cooper Family Pharmacy 843 881 0478 Open until 630 today and may open Thurs
Long Point Pharmacy Mt. Pleasant 843 884 8806 6 today and 9-6 on Thursday.
PlantationPharmacy Daniel Ellis Dr 843 735 9554 1pm on Wed, Closed Thurs,
Publix Pharmacy All locations 843 573 8780 Open until 9pm Wed plan open Thurs until 9pm
Sweetgrass Pharmacy Mt. Pleasant 843 654 4013 Open until 630 Wed and possibly Thurs day.
Wal-Mart Rx Ladson Rd. 843 879 5289 Reopens Saturday at 9am
Walgreens Mt. Pleasant 843 972 4068 Open on Saturday 9 – 6PM
Walgreens Folly & James Island 843 795 5452 Open on Sunday Midnight to Midnight
Berkeley Home Pharmacy Monks Corner 843 899 4700 Open until 4 pm today and possibly tomorrow.
CVS Pharmacy Summerville 843 871 0801 Reopens Saturday at 9am
Medicine Man Summerville 843 871 6944 Call to check meds. 5pm today closed Thurs – Friday
Medicine Shoppe Walterboro 843 549 9565 Close at 6pm Wed and will be open on Thurs.

Message from Roper St. Francis Healthcare CEO Lorraine Lutton

(This message was sent to team members Wednesday)

The days leading up to a hurricane are grueling, no matter how many storms you’ve weathered.
We must make difficult decisions about what’s best for our families. As a healthcare system, we grapple with what’s best for our patients, our teammates and our community.

We’ve studied the forecast, talked to experts and prepared for the worst. Roper St. Francis Healthcare is ready.

I want to thank all of you who have helped us get to this point. Everything you’ve done – from printing common power plans to moving office equipment away from windows – matters.

I’m especially appreciative of our emergency response, who will arrive Thursday at 7 a.m. and remain available to work until the all-clear is called, as well as our physicians who will be available for the duration of the storm. This is the definition of putting patients first.

As always, our team will work around the clock in coming days. We will continue to share updates on critical information you need to know.

My thoughts and prayers are for all of you and for our patients. Please stay safe.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare activates emergency teams

Dedicated teams of Roper St. Francis Healthcare staff are gearing up for a busy weekend when Hurricane Florence arrives. We are activating our emergency teams to our three hospitals. Technically referred to as “Teams A and B” these staff are critical to keep a facility running during natural disasters.

IMG_9166-X3[1]Patient care is our top priority and our teammates understand their responsibility to the public can sometimes overshadow being at home with family or even evacuating. As weather changes, some of these teammates may be staying at the facilities they work at instead of trying to venture out. Again, this is done in the name of both patient and staff safety.

All three Roper St. Francis Healthcare Hospitals (Roper Hospital, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital and Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital) will remain open during Hurricane Florence for emergencies only.

Express Care Update: 3 Facilities to be open Wednesday

RSFH ExpressCare

Roper St. Francis Express Care facilities will be staffed and open in three convenient neighborhood locations in North Charleston and Summerville. These facilities serve as our urgent care alternative to the emergency room and feature experienced doctors and nursing staff. Location hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The James Island Express Care location will be closed on Wednesday.

All Express Care and Physician Partners Facilities will be closed Thursday Sept. 13 to comply with state requirements.


Roper St. Francis Physician Partners practices and Express Cares, can’t “shelter in place” because they aren’t equipped to withstand a disaster. The state has a number of requirements for facilities that “shelter in place,” such as emergency power, medical and food supply for 72 hours. These facilities are meant as “walk in” and not intended as overnight facilities.

These facilities will remain closed until the Governor issues an “all clear” status.

All three Roper St. Francis Healthcare Hospitals (Roper Hospital, Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital and Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital) will remain open during Hurricane Florence. We had to request an exemption to the Governor’s evacuation order to remain open.

Lab updates for Wed. Sept. 12

For Wednesday, Sept. 12, all of our Physician Partners lab sites are closed except for the three Express Care facilities.

The Roper James Island Diagnostic Center on Folly Road is open 7-3pm Wednesday.

The Roper Goose Creek Diagnostic Center on St James Ave closes at noon Wednesday.

Where you can get your prescription filled

Now is the time to refill a prescription. With the Governor’s evacuation order, many pharmacies are closed.

Our team has called around and these are the open pharmacies as of noon Tuesday. The list is subject to change, so call and confirm hours before dropping off your prescription.

HEROLDS PHARMACY Tues until 6:30 / Likely until 6 p.m. on Wed.
2057 Charlie Hall Blvd, Charleston
PLANTATION PHARMACY Tues until 6 P.M. / Closing Wed noon but possibly 6 P.M.
531 Wappoo Rd, Charleston
DOTTIES PHARMACY Normal hours Tues (9 A.M.-6 P.M.)
325 Folly Rd #101, Charleston
PUBLIX Normal hours Tues (9 A.M.-9 P.M.)
1401 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, Charleston
COSTCO PHARMACIES Regular hours Tues. and Wed.
3050 Ashley Town Center Dr, Charleston
(843) 460-2002
BI-LO PHARMACIES Regular hours Tues.
HARRIS TEETER Regular hours Tues. and Wed.
GUERIN’S PHARMACY Regular hours Tues. and Wed.
140 S Main St, Summerville
(843) 873-2531
MEDICINE MAN PHARMACY Regular hours Tues. and Wed.
404 Old Trolley Rd, Summerville
(843) 871-6944
Tide Water Pharmacy
421 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt Pleasant 843-375-6310
Open until 6:30 Tues. and Wed.

Water ready, in case of water problems!

No matter where Hurricane Florence storm turns, our team is prepared

Ever wonder what you do with thousands of gallons of water?

On the top floor of Roper Hospital in downtown Charleston, there’s a giant room of pipes, ductwork and machinery along with a lifeline in case its ever needed. This is where we store our emergency water. The hospital utilizes canned water that can last up to 50 years for drinking water in case a disaster were to happen and knocks out the city water supply.

Additional water is kept for sanitary purposes in jugs and boxes throughout the facility.

Our family of Roper St. Francis hospitals (Bon Secours St. Francis in West Ashley and Roper St. Francis Mount Pleasant Hospital in Mount Pleasant) have similar water supplies. We take storms and patient safety very seriously, even if these boxes of water may never need to be opened.

Gearing up our Generators

As we all closely watch the path of Hurricane Florence, Roper St. Francis Healthcare teammates will carry on its longstanding tradition as the Lowcountry leader in healthcare for adults, despite the weather conditions.

maintenance team checking generators

At Roper Hospital in downtown Charleston, diesel generators are being tested and will be topped off with fuel to be ready for anything Hurricane Florence brings. If the storm hits, a maintenance team will be on-site24/7 in case of hiccups.

If power goes out, the generators can supply the hospital power within eight seconds!

diesel generators

Roper St. Francis Healthcare teammates take serving the community very seriously. We’ve been through this before and will get through this together. Check back for more features on how Roper St. Francis Healthcare is ready for Florence.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare has been taking care of the Lowcountry since 1789. That’s longer than the federal government has been tracking hurricanes. Since 1851 when the National Weather Service began keeping record, 25 hurricanes have hit Charleston, in addition to numerous tropical storms.

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  1. Very Awesome Place
    Very Kind and Very Giving and Caring Facility.
    Thank you Roper For Everything you do for me and my Family
    Still Receiving 100% Charity! 🙂
    Is Simply Amazing Place and Management is Awesome.!!!

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  3. We love our life savers at Roper St. Francis!
    Keep Our life savers safe too!
    ♡ Ya Dr.H and Dr S.!
    From our 1Strong family to yours!

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